Monday, February 2, 2009

Making it!!

"I would just love to make that - but don't know how" - we often hear. "Don't worry we will show you how to make it" we always say.
We love to make - and we love spreading the word and our knowledge to show you how fulfilling and necessary making and creating is to the human soul. We are lucky to work in this creative environment where making is the centre of our world.
These are two of Katherine's grandchildren who came to visit last week - Grace is from Wellington - she made a quilt for her god father's little daugher Hannah. Deacon is from Hamilton and he made this basketball bag to carry his basketball - at the moment it is full of books. Before he left I asked him if he would he like to take home a quilt and he said - after thinking about it for a while - "No not really - I would prefer to make my own!!' That's our plan for next holidays!!
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