Monday, April 27, 2009

Sheryl's Floral Mosaic - same pattern

Sheryl's Floral Mosaic is a joint venture between Sheryl Anicich who designed the original quilt and The Cloth Shop who wrote and produced the pattern.We made this quilt using a panel designed by Lonni Rossi as the feature and it appears in various places in the quilt. We finished it off with large and small flowers appliqued with gold and red metallic threads.

This quilt is made using the same pattern "Sheryl's Floral Mosaic" but this time we used Fabulous Florals designed by Pilip Jacobs and left out the applique!

It's amazing to think these two quilts are the same!What a difference the fabrics make!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We were just blown away!!

There are so many photos we would like to put on this blog about QuiltWellington2009!
Here are some of our favourites - we loved the quilts that won The Cloth Shop sponsored prizes - Congratulations Margaret and Camilla - your quilts were exquisite!
We loved meeting all our friends from around NewZealand and from overseas.
"We are just blown away" were Jenny and Frances's words - they visited their fist Symposium for just one day - they went to all the exhibitions ands visted the Merchant Mall. Jenny goes to bed every night reading the quilting book she bought - or so she says!! The photo shows them in front of Jenny Bowker's quilt - they were "Just blown away!!"

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Great Day of Quilting

At the end of March we held a Quilt in a Day at The Cloth Shop Here are photos of some of the quilts that were made - and the people making them! We have several quilts to choose from -you choose the one you would like to make, then you choose your fabric from are great selection of fabrics - and leave the rest to us. We will cut it out and have it ready for you to sew on the day. The designs are easy to make and we have kept them to a single bed size so that you can easikly finish them in one day - of course there is always someone who wants to make it bigger, make two lor even make a bag.......... but it's all good - we all go home tired but happy at the end of the day. The next Quilt in a Day will be held at The Cloth Shop in June.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Story of the White Gloves

I feel like the queen wearing these gloves - but if it keeps them happy..............
Mmmmm - they are actually working quite well - the gloves have little rubber dimples on the fingers which make it much easier to move the quilt

Everything is going so well! I'm thrilled!!

This is Jenny Walker - she has made a quilt using a Jelly Roll from Moda called Swanky. She loved sewing it together and in the end had a really big quilt - 74" x 100". She really wanted to free motion quilt it - her first free motion experience - but was finding it hard to push the quilt through the machine. so we sold her some white cotton quilting gloves. She thought we were mad!! and only gave them a trial to keep us happy - in the end though, she thought they were wonderful. The best part was when we were trimming off the batting after she had finished the quilt one of our customers asked her if it had been professionally quilted!

Oh you beautiful Dolls!!

Over the last four days we have had two different classes for City Girls with Jill Maas. Here are some of the fabulous dolls that were made.
These are only some of the dolls - at the end of the class we usually take a photo of all the dolls together but this time, as each class member made two dolls each, there were too many for a photo shoot

These two think it is time to go home - or maybe they are just a little bored by it all!!
We have two more doll classes with Jill Maas this year - one in July to make Fleur - the weekend class is full but we still have spaces in the Monday and Tuesday class, and one in December to make Maggie - the flying Christmas Angel!
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