Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WE aim for perfection!! Most of the time

Isn't the top photo adorable!! This is Karlee, Lois Monaghan's granddaughter - we feel a special bond with Karlee becuase she was born on Husqui Club night in November - her grandmother was making the Christmas Stocking that she is in on the very night that she was born - one of the fabrics that she has stitched in to the stocking says "Santa I've been good"!
The other photos are of some of the Husqui morning girls - Marion is making the Amy Butler Weekender bag- we have a photo of the almost finished bag with some Valentine Day cards, and Lorraine was working on a child's activity book until she took a deep breath and tackled "Bootiful Boots" for the Shoes! Shoes! Shoes Block of the Month. She has finished everything else forthis quilt and has a gap left for the Bootiful Boots - she has had three goes at them!! We are glad to report that the ones she made on Monday are perfect!!
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