Friday, January 23, 2009

Precious sisters!!

This is a photo of Margaret and Maureen - they are sisters - one from Paraparumu and one from Feilding - and have spent today at The Cloth Shop at our regular Friday Open Day. Margaret is making one of our Blocks of the Month called (appropriately) Brothers and Sisters and Maureen is finishing off her quilt called Papver Pizazz. She has done the most amazing hand embroidery on the centres of the poppies - and - it is the first quilt she has made. She started it last year in one of Quilt in a Day classes - of course there is no way you would finish this quilt in a day but she really wanted to come to the class with her sister and her sister in law so she used our Quilt in a Day class as a starting point. Today she was sewing on the Piped binding.
Jan was back to today - she hasn't been to Open Day Friday for year beause she has been fighting cancer - it was great to see her again -and she is looking fantastic!!
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Darlene said...

Good morning Girls,
Can I be rude and ask where Maureen got her pattern for the Poppy Quilt?

LindaP said...

Had a great day on friday and it was great to meet all the Friday girlsespecially Margaret and Maureen, both doing amazing quilts and having good fun together. Thanks Liz and Katherine
Linda P

The Cloth Shop Girls said...

We sell that pattern at the Cloth Shop. $21.00
Thanks for your comment Darlene

Anne said...


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