Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quilt, Quilters and Wool Batting on the hoof!!

Wool batting on the hoof!! Today at "Wednesdays are for Quilting" Justine brought in her pet lamb "Baabie" to visit. Very cute!! until she wee-ed on the floor!

"I'm just loving it!! "Jennifer had a great day - she is sewing Oliver

after finishing Priscilla who is now ready to be made into a cushion

Caroline had a great day too - she is sewing on her brand new sewing Husqvarna Emerald 203 sewing machine!

Heather finished making the background for the Hollyhocks class with Jenny Allan this weekend.

Before she started her cats Jenny showed us her finished Geraniums - Well done Jenny - they are Gorgeous!!

Donna is sewing Pacific Tribute which she started in Hazel Foot's class

Debbie is working on her Harry Potter Quilt - this is an Anglia Car. She and her daughter are designing this together.

Dot and her friend the quik un pick!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brand new range of fabric arrives!

This fantastic range of fabric arrived today!
This collection of fabric is a new range from Tara Reed.
A lovely range of delightful musically themed fabrics, with panels and a border.....

Would be great for that special musician in your life, or a fabulous range to
make a quilt for a man.

Check our website to order now!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Look what happens on Fridays!

Friday is Open Day! Pam is making Christmas Trees in black and white and silver. Those of you who visited us at the Hamilton Show saw Pam's quilt hanging in our stand. Thanks, Pam. Our love and thoughts are with you.

and here is the finished quilt

Marion is making this quilt using her new Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter - she loves it!

Here is the finished quilt - it is so big we couldn't hold it for the photo. Today it is going on the bed! It looks fabulous Marion - well done!!

Happiness is....................

Happiness is........................
Making a Quilt with someone you love! This quilt was inspired by people who told us how much pleasure they have creating and making with a child or grandchild. The two of them trace, draw and cut out the shapes, choose the fabrics and then build up the picture. They share the sewing skills and have a really happy time together.
The pictures in this quilt were drawn by Grace Dawson when she was eleven - (now she is sixteen and sitting her Drivers Licence on Friday!) They tell of the happy times she has had during the year.....eating an Easter Egg, visiting the mountain, playing netball, making a snowman.. The blocks are easy to make - we kept them as close to Grace's drawings as we could and they can be embellished with words and buttons.
The good thing about making a quilt like this with someone you love is that you both have fun when you are working together and the finished block or quilt is something you will treasure for a long time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last day of the show

The last day of the show - my little granddaughter Lane came to visit - we went shopping and she chose this butterfly necklace for herself - it is pink and shiny - perfect!!
LastLast day of the show is our chance to visit the quilt show at the fair - it is always a great exhibition and this year was no exception. Rosemary Rush won Best of Show and a Husqvarna sewing machine with this quilt inspired by Elevator doors

The Cloth Shop sponsored the Best Hand Quilting Prize - it was won by Carol Lindale Congratulations Carol!!

Beach Boys made by Maree Schroder - my choice. I loved this one - it was charming and very beautifully done

Fantasy was the name of the exhibition sponsored by Expertise events - this Book called When the Sun goes down by Denise Sargo won first prize and it was amazing. There were faces everywhere, in the trees, behind bushes and in the greenery.

Some faces were obvious

And some were ceverly hidden!
Can't wait to come again next year!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tomorrow we will do it all again!!

Today was the second day of the show in Hamilton. We met people from all over the country who were visting the show. During the day we work..................
and then we relax...................

We are at the Hamilton Craft Show!

We are at the Craft Fair in Hamilton!! This is part of our show stand - we are A16 and would love to see you if you are coming to this show. We had a great day yesterday - it was busy, buzzy and great fun!!
Another part of our stand at the show!

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