Friday, February 26, 2010

Does this look familiar?

I showed you a small peek of this earlier. The Cloth Shop girls have been working on this over the last few weeks. It's an exciting new Block of the Month project which will start in March. A quilt designed by Lynette Anderson and combines piecing with embroidery. The very best of both worlds!
Check out our website for more information. Contact us if you'd like to add your name to the list.

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Making It" at The Cloth Shop

Arlene is visting us from Canada - her husband is working in Palmerston North for a month and she is spending her days "Making" at The Cloth Shop. This is a great set of place mats she has made in New Zealand fabrics - at the moment she is making a Fairy quilt to take home to her little baby granddaughter Emily.

Rosemary has discovered a new passion! Quilting! She made her first quilt at Summer School in January and this week she made her bag (Lauren's bag pattern from the Cloth Shop) her skirt (Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt pattern from The Cloth Shop) and brought a new strippy ruler for her birthday - in September!! She left The Cloth Shop smiling!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are so glad to see you back at The Cloth Shop!

Saturday was the first day of Saturday Sampler 2010! - this is the tenth year we have run Saturday Sampler - some people - like Judith - ahve done it every year(sometimes two or three a year) and others like Liz have had a few years off. Her first words when she came into The Cloth Shop on Satirday was "I'm Back!!!"
Gillian in the centre of this picture has done Saturday Sampler every year since 2000, Rae on the right has done it since 2002 and this is their friend who is doing it for the very first time. They come from Hawkes Bay every and yestrday was Gillian's birthday and their other friend Lynley baked a dleicious carrot cake which we had for morning tea! Love the bags!

Nancy comes from Masterton and she has been doing Saturday Sampler for a number of years too. This is not a Saturday Sampler quilt - it is one of the patterns that we made for Saturday Strippers and she made it in these gorgeous soft colours for her sister. We just had to take a photo of her with her quilt - doesn't she co-ordinate with it beautifully!

Beautiful Bride - Happy Groom!

I love this photo!! This is Richard and Anne who were married yesterday - Anne worked for us for five years before she went down to Wellington to do a degree in Graphic and Design. Anne looked very beautiful and as this photo shows Richard looks very very happy!!
We were at the wedding in the Central Baptist Church in Palmerston North - Amiee and Katherine with Anne. Liz joined us later for the "Cutting of the Cake!"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Napier girls spend a day sewing with us

On Tuesday this week, Jill (left) and Trish, got up early and drove from Napier down to Palmerston North for a day of free motion sewing at The Cloth Shop. They are both making our free motion calico cushions, and were having lots of fun.
It was lovely to have you visit for the day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Cloth Shop hosts a Hens night!

Last night was our monthly Husqui night. (it's the 2nd Monday of each month, during the day and in the evening).
There wasn't too much sewing going on. The girls were all in a bit of a party mood.
One of the Husqui girls, Lois, is getting married at the end of March! What lovely news! The Husqui girls all thought so too and there was a lovely surprise supper and Lois had to wear a striking bridal hat made from old net curtains, a very teeny tiny g-string and a garter, and to complete the whole bridal look, a fabulous bouquet made from calico roses and lollies!

Here's Lois fully dressed. Don't you think she looks well prepared for her big day? We wish you every happiness Lois, and hope you have a very special day on the 27th.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lynne and Christine show us their finished quilts

Well, what do you think of these two quilts? Aren't they incredible? They are so very different, but if you look closely, they are both made from the same pattern. The pattern is an original Cloth Shop Tall Poppies pattern - Spectra dela rosa. (email us for more details if you'd like to purchase this pattern and make your very own).

Above is Lynne who is a regular quilter here at The Cloth Shop. She has been working on this quilt for several months now, you may remember a photo on this blog not long ago of Lynne working on it. Well it was finally ready to give to her sister. Stunning work Lynne!

And below is a photo of Wanganui quilter, Christine, a whole different take on the roses and just as lovely. Great to see another lovely quilt finished!

We have also had a visit from this wee sweetie. Her name is Emily and she popped into The Cloth Shop with her Gran. We thought she was a perfect age to introduce to the quilting world and thought perhaps we should start with a lesson on quilting fabrics.
Here she is with her very first piece of quilting cotton.

......Now Emily, what do you think we could do with this?


We could test it for quality and flavour!
Well, maybe we might wait until her next visit before we start on the beginners blocks!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something exciting is in the air....

The Cloth Shop girls are busy at work,
there's a brand new project coming......
we are all very excited!
What do you think it could be?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sue's fabulous new quilt

Sue popped into The Cloth Shop, and look what she bought in for us to look at!
This is her latest quilt, and WOW pretty impressive! Don't you agree?

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