Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aiming for perfection!!

This week we started the first Beginners Patchwork and Quilting class for 2009 - the photos are of Roz - in the top one she is cutting her 3 1/2" strips and the bottom one shows her looking very critically at her first block - this is actually a practice block that we give them on the first day so they can practice cutting and sewing -at the beginning of the class we talk about choosing fabrics and colourways, so for their homework they need to buy their fabric and make this block again in their colour choice. The first day they feel very nervous about cutting - particularly after we give them the "Lecture" about never leaving the blade exposed and the dire consequences if they do - the ruler seems extrememly awkward, they have to start thinking in 1/2 inches and 1/4 inches and get their heads around strange terms like fat quarters and fat eighths but at the end of 9 weeks they will have made a quilt and really enjoyed the process!!
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