Sunday, February 22, 2009

Magnificent Blooming Baskets!!

Looks at these spendid floral baskets!! Today we held the first Baltimore class for 2009 - the top two photos are of Jo's blocks - the one she is currently working on is at the top and one of her finished ones below. She has already made a large centre panel - on point - which we will be surrounded by four different floral baskets - she has chosen a colour pallete of terracotta, orange, blue and green on a muddy grey backgound - it looks wonderful!
The bottom basket is one of the blocks of Jennie's quilt - she has chosen a mix of magenta,purples, hot pinks, greens on a creamy white background - she has made sixteen blocks, sewn them together into a large quilt and has now started the quilting. You might think a hand applique embroidery class would be a quiet, sedate one - it is certainly not the case with this class. It's loud, noisy with lots of laughter and chat but as you can see there is some magnificent work produced - Rose comes from Wellington once a month to teach the Baltimore class - she said she just looks forward to coming and can't wait to seeing what the girls have done since she saw them last.
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