Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dogs, cats and roses on the last day of Summer School

Nigel has been very popular this week at Summer School. He is part of a series called There is no such thing as an Innocent Cat. The cats are fun to make and when the faces are done, they- all of a sudden - have a personality! Yvonne is sewing the eyes in this photo - Nigel has a fish skeleton in his tummy and rather an evil grin - hope it wasn't a gold fish!
This is Jasper - he came in to see his Mum who was at summer school today making Nigel! He had been for a swim in the river and as it was pouring with rain in Palmerston North today he was rather wet - he looks very happy to be around the fabrics and quilts.

This is Rosie who came in later in the day to see her Mum Elana.

This is Elana with the bag she has made for her Mum who lives in South Africa. During the day she told us that her son went over to Masterton with a friend to buy a gun and on the way home he called into a fabric shop, saw the pink rose fabric and knew that she would love so brought it home for her. Guns and roses!
Today was the last day of Summer School for 2010 -we've loved every moment of it - and we really enjoyed seeing the pleasure everyone who participated in the week had when they made, cushions, labels,quilts,bags and chickens.

Summer School successes

Rosemary came to the first day of Summer School to make a Quilt in a Day and she came back today to start the quilting. She thought she was coming to sew on the binding and was amazed to find out that is actually last thing she has to do - there's the quilting to do first
Leonie came to make the Miss Benson Bag - and try out lots of decorative stitches on her Husqvarna.

Yesterday Ali came to make Shattered Nine patch in Japanese Indigo fabrics. There are some of the blocks she has made hanging on the wall behind her and some that she has yet to sew on her "map" beside her. Her goal for the day was to finish the centre of the quilt, but she didn't quite make it.................

Today she came back to show us that she has finished the centre, and to cut out the inner border and the borders. It's looking great Ali - looks like stained glass!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blues, Bags and Cats at Summer School

Yvonne chose ti make a Black and White bag with Grommets at thge top for handles today at Summer School. Liz is helping her to put them in place.
Liz came from New Plymouth and Christine came from Wanganui and with their friend Dorothy they made Aloyisius - part of There is not such thing as an Innocent Cat pattern. They were thrilled with the faces they made, Christine think her cat is saying "Why haven't you fed me??"

Judith and Jenny came to Summer School again today! Jenny is making the Flea Market bag for her daughter and Judith is making her second cushion. She has gone from "I don't know how to do free motion quilting" on Monday to " I'll do some Free motion quilting around the borders" said very con fidently - on Thursday. Yvonne was sitting at the same table as her today and said she thinks she is inspitational!.

Heather is making a quilt in a day for her daughter who loves blue. She has chosen Japanese Indigo fabrics with a touch of red. Sher didn't finish the quilt today - she will finish it she comes to "Wednesdays are for Quilting" It's looking great Heather!
Ali wa also at Summer School today - she is making Shattered nine patch in Japanese Indigo Blues
We will show you a photo of that tomorrow when she hopes to finish it!

Summer School Classes and visitors

Today during Summer School classes Jackie called into visit us, and just look what she bought with her to show us all!! She made this huge quilt, (102" square) in just 4 months, for her son who's leaving home and heading off to university. What a fabulous gift, we don't think he'll be forgetting Mum in a hurry!
We love seeing your finished quilts and projects!

Here are Lois and Anna who were busy making beautiful fabric roses in their Summer School class.

Ivy was here yesterday for the day, she is a regular Wednesday girl. Our workroom is always open during Wednesdays (day and night), for anyone to come in and sew. Her quilt is nearing completion and is starting to look very exciting. Watch this space for a photo of it finished.

A very special visitor popped into see us yesterday - Carolyn, and she had bought wee 18 day-old Josiah Toby in, to introduce him to quilting. However, unfortunately he wasn't too interested and perferred to sleep, and was totally oblivious to us all oohing and ahhing over him!

A day of fun at Summer School

The Cloth Shop has been a hive of creative goodness with classes for lots of different things this week. Everybody has been immersed in sewing projects, learning new techniques and having fun.
Above are Judith using the light box and Glenys (middle) and Joyce with their cat cushions. They made a fabulous job of them don't you think?

And here is Judith who has been a hive of activity this week! What do you think of her quilt? This was done in her 'quilt in a day' class. It's ready for quilting.

And Jenny, who has been here for several classes. She has been head down working on her 'quilt in a day' in pretty pastel florals. Don't you think it's gorgeous?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Summer School continues............

Jane came to Summer School today to learn how to make labels on the computer. She also brought some of the baby quilts she has made lately to show us - this year she has made 11 baby quilts for her work colleagues and special friends. These two we are made from a beautiful "baby boy " range of fabric that we have in stock at the moment - she has quilted them beautifully - she also gave a little lesson on how she goes does her all over qjuilting pattern ...............and ..... she made a great label
Judith and jenny and Summer School groupies - they have both booked in for four days of Summer School classes this week. Yesterday they learned the art of Free Motion Quilting and made gorgeous cushions. today they did Quilt in a Day - we will have more photos of them as the week - and their projects - progress.

Yvonne is also a Summer School Group - today she made a label for grandaughter's quilt. It's really good to personalise your quilt labels and Yvonne put a photo of her and Elleanor with the quilt she made for her on the label. Yesterday she also worked on the Free Motion Cushion and tomorrow she is coming back to make a bag

Judy made Jelly Roses yesterday!

Today was Helen came to Summer School to make a bag - she is here with Jane - who is holding our bag. Later in the day Helen finished her bag and she coming later in the week for a half day class to make a bantam pincushion

Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer School at The Cloth Shop

It was very hot in Palmerston North today and it was the first day of Summer School 2010 We had a great day - Judy did a half day class and made Jelly Roses.
" Where is #18?" These were Louise's words as I took this photo. She was making one of McKenna Ryan's All Cooped Up Blocks called Daisy Days.

Margaret and Nigel! She was thrilled with the cushion she made - here she is cutting the borders.
At Summer School today three people made Free Motion Cushion (they are fabulous) and one person made a Quiltn in A Day.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are full but ther are still spaces on Friday and Saturday - we would love to see you here.

Life is good!!

This time last year Sue had just ben told that she had cancer and that things weren't good!She knows now that her oncologist thought she would not be here for christmas and she knew she had a fight on her hands. She said she had fantastic care and after chemotherapy and a major operation and then more chemotherapy she has had an excellent report - the oncologist even smiled at her!! During the year she lost all her thick luxurious hair but now she has a very glamorous short hair style of silver grey and today she came to The Cloth Shop to chose some fabric to make baby quilts for her twin grandaughters due to be born in March. Life! it's good!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Dramas!!

Today was Open Day Friday at The Cloth Shop. Anyone is welcome to come - it is $2.00 for the day and you can work on your own project. Today we had a delicious morning tea - Pam brought Spinach and feta muffins - they are green and delicious and Francie brought banana and bran muffins equally delicious. We had a couple of dramas today - Dawn accidently knocked over Pam's cup of coffee which went all over her cotton trousers! After a very quick trip to the kitchen and copious amounts of water she was soaked to the skin and her pants were very very wet - but most of the coffee stain was gone!
Not long after this drama Lynne put the sewing machine right through her finger - she got such a shock and was so desperate to avoid getting blood on her quilt that she pulled her finger out of the machine and made it bleed even more!! This time we had a quick dash to the first aid kit and the sticking plasters - and - there wasn't a drop of blood on the quilt!
The photo is of Pam - she made these gorgeous Jelly Roses using a Bunny Tales Pattern today - she is on her way home to wash the rest of the coffee out of her very cool pants!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

These three quilts have been designed by Griet Lombard. They are made using Griet's method of template free piecing - she taught this class at Symposium in Wellington so some of you may have seen them already - (The class was very popular and Griet has had a lot of very positive feedback) There are actually two more quilts in this series - boats and stars. Starting in April we are having a class with Griet once a month - on the second Sunday of the month - which she has called "Every Block is an Experience" and we have subtitled "Let your creative spirit free - with a security blanket - in the form of Griet" In this class she will show you how to make each of the different blocks in the series and then work with each of you individually as you create your own masterpiece. I was talking about this class today with someone who wants to make a little boys quilt and is was great to see that creative glint in her eye as she realised that she could create him and his siblings useing the faces, their house and his nana's house with the house block the cat and the dog and..................... Check on our website class page for more details

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls' Day Out!

Today we had a visit from Griet Lombard and here she is looking at our There is no such thing as an Innocent Cat. She drew the cats we used in this quilt and we tried to keep our quilt as close to her as possible to her original design. Today she brought some more of her quilts to show us and we are planning a great class called "Every Block is an Experience" It will be starting in April and will feature template free designs.

W We also had a visit from Bronwyn and her friends from Hawkes Bay! They told us they enjoy looking at the blog and catching up with news at The Cloth Shop - and now THEY are the news!
Great to see you girls!

Lynne starts to disappear at The Cloth Shop!

Each time Lynne comes to The Cloth Shop to work on her quilt we see less and less of her! Her beautiful quilt is so huge, (108" x 115"). She has been working on it for almost 18 months, and it is nearly finished. It will be a gift for her sister. We are all waiting eagerly to see it complete!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jennifer Pudney comes to The Cloth Shop!

Well, actually her brand new fabric range came to The Cloth Shop! Katherine was busy unpacking and finding homes for some of the new fabrics. Check out our website to see the range and prices.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jane amazes us with her creative flair!

Jane came into sew with us on Friday, and she bought with her this stunning quilt she had made during the holidays for her daughter. Jane made it using lots of different textured fabrics in purples, blacks and silver.
She also looked fabulous in her 'recycled' skirt! Get those old doilies out girls, and make your skirt a fashion item! What a neat way of dressing up a plain skirt.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Summer classes up on our website now.

Summer Classes are starting
at The Cloth Shop on the 18th January!

Check out all the classes on offer over
our website (under the classes menu).
Guaranteed to be a week of fabric and fun!

See you there!

The Cloth Shop Girls get together for Christmas

It was a lovely warm pre-Christmas evening when the The Cloth Shop girls got together at Bellas on the Square to celebrate -
---The end of 2009
---The engagement of Anne to Richard
---And the exciting new sewing and quilting ideas which will be born in 2010!
From left to right: Dawn, Liz, Amiee, Anne, Katherine, Carole
We wish you all the best for 2010!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alison finishes her quilt, and chickens come home to roost!

Alison made this lovely New Zealand themed quilt for her son for Christmas and had it quilted by Jacqui Karl. She was thrilled with it and we are sure her son will be too! It looked gorgeous!

These little chickens are very much favourites at The Cloth Shop lately. They make the cutest little pin cushions, and are the perfect gift for a friend who sews.

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