Thursday, February 19, 2009

We thought it would be so easy!!

Today we started making a fabulous new bag. We have been asked lots of times if we could make a bag that would hold a cutting board, quilting table for the machine, rulers, square rulers, cutter, scissors and current projects - a bag that you could keep things in when you are at home and then when it's time for a class you can pick up what you need for the day and carry it all in one go.
Pam Smith has a bag that we are using as a starting point and she is going to teach the class for us - we are holding it on three consecutive Thursday evenings starting at the end of April. She spent the day at The Cloth Shop so we could make the sample and before she came we thought we would whip it up in no time. - it is actually a series of small quilts - one forms the main body of the bag and a series of different size quilts form various pockets and flaps. At the beginning of the day it was going to be Black and White with the Gypsy Chique girls on the some of the pockets, mid morning it changed to the paisley fabric - that is already quilted - in rusts and acid greens - a few dramas while we sorted out the Gyspy Chiques and by 2.00 we had one small pocket almost finished! We decided we needed a lunch break in the sun and after that it was all go! go! go! Pam has taken the bag home to finish it - we will show you how fabulous it is soon.
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Anonymous said...

I am waiting with baited breath!!!!!
Well done girls

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