Thursday, January 14, 2010

These three quilts have been designed by Griet Lombard. They are made using Griet's method of template free piecing - she taught this class at Symposium in Wellington so some of you may have seen them already - (The class was very popular and Griet has had a lot of very positive feedback) There are actually two more quilts in this series - boats and stars. Starting in April we are having a class with Griet once a month - on the second Sunday of the month - which she has called "Every Block is an Experience" and we have subtitled "Let your creative spirit free - with a security blanket - in the form of Griet" In this class she will show you how to make each of the different blocks in the series and then work with each of you individually as you create your own masterpiece. I was talking about this class today with someone who wants to make a little boys quilt and is was great to see that creative glint in her eye as she realised that she could create him and his siblings useing the faces, their house and his nana's house with the house block the cat and the dog and..................... Check on our website class page for more details

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