Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dogs, cats and roses on the last day of Summer School

Nigel has been very popular this week at Summer School. He is part of a series called There is no such thing as an Innocent Cat. The cats are fun to make and when the faces are done, they- all of a sudden - have a personality! Yvonne is sewing the eyes in this photo - Nigel has a fish skeleton in his tummy and rather an evil grin - hope it wasn't a gold fish!
This is Jasper - he came in to see his Mum who was at summer school today making Nigel! He had been for a swim in the river and as it was pouring with rain in Palmerston North today he was rather wet - he looks very happy to be around the fabrics and quilts.

This is Rosie who came in later in the day to see her Mum Elana.

This is Elana with the bag she has made for her Mum who lives in South Africa. During the day she told us that her son went over to Masterton with a friend to buy a gun and on the way home he called into a fabric shop, saw the pink rose fabric and knew that she would love so brought it home for her. Guns and roses!
Today was the last day of Summer School for 2010 -we've loved every moment of it - and we really enjoyed seeing the pleasure everyone who participated in the week had when they made, cushions, labels,quilts,bags and chickens.

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