Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Dramas!!

Today was Open Day Friday at The Cloth Shop. Anyone is welcome to come - it is $2.00 for the day and you can work on your own project. Today we had a delicious morning tea - Pam brought Spinach and feta muffins - they are green and delicious and Francie brought banana and bran muffins equally delicious. We had a couple of dramas today - Dawn accidently knocked over Pam's cup of coffee which went all over her cotton trousers! After a very quick trip to the kitchen and copious amounts of water she was soaked to the skin and her pants were very very wet - but most of the coffee stain was gone!
Not long after this drama Lynne put the sewing machine right through her finger - she got such a shock and was so desperate to avoid getting blood on her quilt that she pulled her finger out of the machine and made it bleed even more!! This time we had a quick dash to the first aid kit and the sticking plasters - and - there wasn't a drop of blood on the quilt!
The photo is of Pam - she made these gorgeous Jelly Roses using a Bunny Tales Pattern today - she is on her way home to wash the rest of the coffee out of her very cool pants!

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