Thursday, January 21, 2010

Summer School Classes and visitors

Today during Summer School classes Jackie called into visit us, and just look what she bought with her to show us all!! She made this huge quilt, (102" square) in just 4 months, for her son who's leaving home and heading off to university. What a fabulous gift, we don't think he'll be forgetting Mum in a hurry!
We love seeing your finished quilts and projects!

Here are Lois and Anna who were busy making beautiful fabric roses in their Summer School class.

Ivy was here yesterday for the day, she is a regular Wednesday girl. Our workroom is always open during Wednesdays (day and night), for anyone to come in and sew. Her quilt is nearing completion and is starting to look very exciting. Watch this space for a photo of it finished.

A very special visitor popped into see us yesterday - Carolyn, and she had bought wee 18 day-old Josiah Toby in, to introduce him to quilting. However, unfortunately he wasn't too interested and perferred to sleep, and was totally oblivious to us all oohing and ahhing over him!

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