Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blues, Bags and Cats at Summer School

Yvonne chose ti make a Black and White bag with Grommets at thge top for handles today at Summer School. Liz is helping her to put them in place.
Liz came from New Plymouth and Christine came from Wanganui and with their friend Dorothy they made Aloyisius - part of There is not such thing as an Innocent Cat pattern. They were thrilled with the faces they made, Christine think her cat is saying "Why haven't you fed me??"

Judith and Jenny came to Summer School again today! Jenny is making the Flea Market bag for her daughter and Judith is making her second cushion. She has gone from "I don't know how to do free motion quilting" on Monday to " I'll do some Free motion quilting around the borders" said very con fidently - on Thursday. Yvonne was sitting at the same table as her today and said she thinks she is inspitational!.

Heather is making a quilt in a day for her daughter who loves blue. She has chosen Japanese Indigo fabrics with a touch of red. Sher didn't finish the quilt today - she will finish it she comes to "Wednesdays are for Quilting" It's looking great Heather!
Ali wa also at Summer School today - she is making Shattered nine patch in Japanese Indigo Blues
We will show you a photo of that tomorrow when she hopes to finish it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, the Summer School looks fantastic fun, lovely pics of clever ladies, thanks for sharing,cheers Jill

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