Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New beginnings!!

This is our new Blog!! We look forward to showing you what is happening at The Cloth Shop on a regular basis. Today we packed up the Shoes! ! Shoes! patterns - at last we have finished the quilt - started making the blocks for 2009 Saturday Sampler - we have decided on simple easy blocks this year, giving our blocks a fresh, contemporay look. Jill Maas called in to The Cloth Shop to give us two City Girls - no pattern for these yet they are samples for the class with Jill which will be held at The Cloth Shop on 28 and 29th March.

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Anonymous said...

Hi having recently moved away from palmerston North i miss the cloth shop. The other day i was having trouble deciding how some material would work together and what I would need to finish the quilt. In the past I have just popped down to the quilt shop for advise and support. Change is good they tell me

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