Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't worry! We are not the Quilt Police!!

We love it when you share your quilts with us! After we get over "it's in the car - shall I bring it in" or "don't look too hard - it's not perfect" or don't look at the back" or "it's not as good as yours" we are thrilled when you show us what you have been doing. It's a scary thing showing your quilts to other people, isn't it? Don't worry -we know about the pleasure of making a quilt - it's the most fabulous thing for your self esteem -and we love seeing what you do.
This is Doreen Badger's quilt(it's in the car shall I bring it in!) - she and her friend Toni Weygood were in The Cloth Shop today and she is showing us her quilt - she made it from a gorgeous feature fabric and strips of soft co ordinating fabrics. Lovely! and the backs's good too!
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