Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today Jill Maas released her new pattern Violet. Jill is pictured here with dolls made at a class at The Cloth Shop in December when she taught Violet.
Violet likes to think of her self as a "Goth Chick" she's seen pictures of those kids dressed in black and thinks her mum needs another challenge anyway: she's enjoying being the one to provide it.
Deep down she just loves dressing up, last year it was princess pink, but this year she is amazed, the black outfit demands more attention.
It seems to worry adults, and even has her Aunties talking about her when they think she's out of earshot. Violet sees the uncertain looks on their faces and hears the guarded words they utter when she comes out of her room.
It's all about non conforming, being her own person and standing her ground......just until she feels like a change or it doesn't have an effect anymore.
Patterns are $20.00 each.
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