Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkins everywhere!

This morning in Houston we went to a garden centre to buy pumpkin seeds!
It was a gorgeous sunny morning and these pumpkins looked so beautiful I just had to take a photo. It is almost Halloween here so there are lots of pumpkins and decorations in the shops and houses. We are staying in the West University area and our hotel is surrounded by very beautiful homes in a very lush and leafy suburb. We are also very close to the Houston Cancer Hospital - it is famous throughtout the world for cancer treatments and every morning we share the share the shuttle bus that takes us to the George Brown Convention centre with people who are going to the hospital for the day. Everything in Texas is BIG and the hospital is no exception -it has covers an enormous area-nearly every morning we go to a different part of the hospital and if our driver goes to the wrong entrance it takes ages to drive around the various roads so find the right one. To night we walked around the streets and took photos of some of the houses that are decorated for Halloween.

I thought this look pretty.

Pumpkins feature a lot in the decorations - the lawns around these houses are immaculate - there is not a blade of grass out of place.

Justine with the horse and carts which is being driven by a skeleton. There is a huge pumpkin in the back of the cart.

This is the only photo I have posted of this houses, it was large and these spiders and cobwebs are over many parts of the house. Little ghosts are all through the garden and of course pumpkins are up the front steps and porchway.

The monsters!! It is hot inside those masks!! This is our last night in Houston - We didn't go to the Festival today but we will go again in the morning.

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