Sunday, October 25, 2009

A man of many talents!!

Colin makes fabulous lunches when we have classes at The Cloth Shop. At a recent class this is one of the fruit platter plates he brought down to the shop at lunch time - kiwi fuit, pineapple embellished with rosemary and pansies from the garden. But wait.....he has other talents.......
On Friday he got a Hole in One!! The ball on the green belongs to his golfing partner - the ball is taking from the hole is his!!!
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Marls said...

Food looks great but OMG a Hole in One. As a fairly new golfer I was so excited with my first Birdie but a Hole in One is a dream! CONGRATS to hom on the achievement-hope there was a celebration.

Greymuppett (Rae) said...

Wow go Colin... Looks like we will have to do a class to get a nice plate like that... Congratulations on the golfing too. Thats no mean feat..
Cheers Rae

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