Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi from Houston!!

It was pouring with rain outside, so we decided to have a cup of Starbucks coffee before we went outside - we were joined by Jay and Michelle from Nutex wholesalers.
The Quilt Show is amazing!! This quilt, made by Camilla Watson from New Zealand won The Cloth Shop prize at Symposium earlier in the year. Looks wonderful, Camilla! The quilt show hasn't been judged yet so wouldn't it be great to see a ribbon on it later in the week,
We just loved this one!! It is an Advent Calender - amazing detail all over the quilt. There were 25 little doors that opened up to the 25th of December, but we couldn't get close enough to open them!!

This quilt looks like a painting - I think it will be winning a prize at judging time

Michael Miller Fabric booth - Camp Michael Miller - their theme was gnomes! You can see the gnome quilt on the back wall.

This is Jill's favourite booth and quilt designed by Blackbird. We are now calling this the BirdBrain quilt because I sent Jill a text saying "where are u "and she replied "Moda Isle at Bird Brain!"

This is the Moda Booth. All the chairs are covered in a new fabric range that will be coming out soon called French General - it's gorgeous!

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