Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maggies.......and a Mouse!

We have had three classes with Jill Maas at The Cloth Shop over the last week - this time she was teaching Maggie. Jill's classes are a lot of fun and the really good thing is that everyone goes home with a doll! finished! Jill is a generous tutor -she adds a tweak and a stitch there and potential problems are very quickly sorted -and this time she gave everyone who attended the classes a free pattern for this smart little mouse. This is her little Maggie who thinks he is rather gorgeous............

and Anne's Maggie looks a little worried to see a mouse so close......
This is Shirley's Maggie in her little black body suit - Jill said we were welcome to enlarge the pattern and make a body suit for ourselves, but no one took up the offer(so far!)

and here she is finished ,wearing a beautiful lace dress

Anne had a problem with the little socks, so Jill sorted it............

"Now if you want her to fly this is the way you do" - Jill showing Sue how it's done

Like this

Another stunning little body suit! On Monday and Tuesday I attended the class

and this my finished Maggie! She is a little Christmas Angel and I will be posting to her my sister in Rangiora tomorrow

This is what happens when you get home and think "I loved the class - I think I will make another one before I forget how to make the face..................."

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