Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maggies........and a Bag!

Rachel and Jill and Maggie - she is wondering what on earth they are going to do to her next
This is the first doll that Nicki has made and she looked amazing - she dressed in her dark purple and black and she had black spiky hair - Agnes dressed hers in soft pretty pink with blonde curly hair

This is Gillian's first doll too - she looks so proud of her new baby, doesn't she.

Rhonda made this doll for her daughter who loves blue - she knows that Laura will be so happy when she see her.

Today some of the girls who made dolls are having a lunch where there will be a show and tell of their dolls - Robyn comes to "Wednesdays are for Quilting" and she is going to amaze them all when she shows them the bag she finished last night!! Good Job, Robyn - the hot pink grommets look great after you plucked up courage to cut big holes into your lovely bag!

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