Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are so glad to see you back at The Cloth Shop!

Saturday was the first day of Saturday Sampler 2010! - this is the tenth year we have run Saturday Sampler - some people - like Judith - ahve done it every year(sometimes two or three a year) and others like Liz have had a few years off. Her first words when she came into The Cloth Shop on Satirday was "I'm Back!!!"
Gillian in the centre of this picture has done Saturday Sampler every year since 2000, Rae on the right has done it since 2002 and this is their friend who is doing it for the very first time. They come from Hawkes Bay every and yestrday was Gillian's birthday and their other friend Lynley baked a dleicious carrot cake which we had for morning tea! Love the bags!

Nancy comes from Masterton and she has been doing Saturday Sampler for a number of years too. This is not a Saturday Sampler quilt - it is one of the patterns that we made for Saturday Strippers and she made it in these gorgeous soft colours for her sister. We just had to take a photo of her with her quilt - doesn't she co-ordinate with it beautifully!

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