Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Cloth Shop hosts a Hens night!

Last night was our monthly Husqui night. (it's the 2nd Monday of each month, during the day and in the evening).
There wasn't too much sewing going on. The girls were all in a bit of a party mood.
One of the Husqui girls, Lois, is getting married at the end of March! What lovely news! The Husqui girls all thought so too and there was a lovely surprise supper and Lois had to wear a striking bridal hat made from old net curtains, a very teeny tiny g-string and a garter, and to complete the whole bridal look, a fabulous bouquet made from calico roses and lollies!

Here's Lois fully dressed. Don't you think she looks well prepared for her big day? We wish you every happiness Lois, and hope you have a very special day on the 27th.

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