Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great class - great bags!!

This weekend Jacqui Karl was at The Cloth Shop teaching "Bags" Yesterday was the first day and they painted, stamped, embroidered and couched on different threads to their "plain" fabrics. Today they sewed their bags together - Trish is trimming batting for ther gusset.
Sharon and Trish sewing around the trickey corners. It is fun at a class to see the different colours and combinations everyone chooses, and how they are just "right" for the person who does the choosing!

Trish chose paua colours and for her stamps she chose koru hearts complemented her feature fabric perfectly!

Janice and Robyn chose pretty florals

they thought they were the slowest in the class - but they were wrong.

Mary chose a very sophisticated colour combination of grey and gold. It was a very successful weekend and everyone went home with their bags almost finished!


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