Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quilt, Quilters and Wool Batting on the hoof!!

Wool batting on the hoof!! Today at "Wednesdays are for Quilting" Justine brought in her pet lamb "Baabie" to visit. Very cute!! until she wee-ed on the floor!

"I'm just loving it!! "Jennifer had a great day - she is sewing Oliver

after finishing Priscilla who is now ready to be made into a cushion

Caroline had a great day too - she is sewing on her brand new sewing Husqvarna Emerald 203 sewing machine!

Heather finished making the background for the Hollyhocks class with Jenny Allan this weekend.

Before she started her cats Jenny showed us her finished Geraniums - Well done Jenny - they are Gorgeous!!

Donna is sewing Pacific Tribute which she started in Hazel Foot's class

Debbie is working on her Harry Potter Quilt - this is an Anglia Car. She and her daughter are designing this together.

Dot and her friend the quik un pick!!

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