Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday girls goings on!!

This is Helan Chen - she came to The Cloth Shop two and half months ago to learn to quilt. This photo is taken on her last day with us - two of the quilts she has made are on the wall behind her. She loved every moment she was here - so did we!
Pam Smith is our Featured Quilter for August. We have a selection of her quilts hanging on the walls - this is a photo of her and Helan with some of her quilts before we hung them .It is a little like her quilting journey -on one end of the display we have a selection of quilts that are hand appliqued and hand quilted and on the other end we have some gorgeous quilts that are machine appliqued and quilted. The large quilt and the dolls on the wall were made by Helan while she was in Palmerston North.This is a photo of some of the Friday Girls on Helan's last Friday at The Cloth Shop. She has spent the last two and half months in Palmerston North making quilts. On her last day she showed us how to make slippers - they were a great hit!

This is a selection of the slippers.

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