Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't worry we will work something out!!!

Behind every quilt there is a story!! Frances and Dot are both making our Block of the Month Quilt"Once upon a Star" Last Week at "Wednesdays are for Quilting" Frances gave Dot her finished Penguin Block to take home so she could see what threads and stitches she used for the applique. When she gave it to to her she said - jokingly - "if anything happens to it you're in serious trouble" but guess what - it fell on to the heater and when Dot saw it - it looked like this.
She was distraught - she brought it into us and after we commiserated with her and then laughed with her, she decided she would make up a new one before she confessed to Frances what had happened! We told her if she traced out all the pieces, fused them and cut them out we would put it together and stitch it for her. This is Dot beginning the tracing ......again......
Dawn helped her put it together. Katherine did the stitching and.....

This Wednesday Dot gave Frances her burnt penguin block! Her frst reaction when she saw it was "Don't worry we will work something out! " and then "Dot - you poor thing -that's the kind of thing that usually happens to me!"

This is Frances with her finished new block!


Ali Honey said...

Phew! That could have melted a hole in the ice!

Anonymous said...

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