Sunday, May 3, 2009

A perfect end to a perfect day!!

Congratulations Amiee and Liz from The Cloth Shop!
On Saturday Amiee entered her quilt "Crown of the Pacific" into Tote and Gloat's "Go Green" Challenge. The quilts were judged by Sandra Meech and she won first prize for her quilt in the Novice Section.
But Wait -there's more......
She also won Viewers Choice for the same quilt!!
Here she is with her quilt - and rosettes
But Wait - there's more........
She also entered this quilt which is called "Harekeke in Green" and she won second prize!!
Here she is with her quilt and another rosette!
But wait! there is even more...........
Liz won the sponsors prize for her quilt called - "Recycle, reuse......."
Here she is with her quilt and her rosette


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Girls !What a fantastic day !Well done !There was a some magnificent opposition but you girls did it.Your Quilts were outstanding.
What a huge turnout of people !
We really enjoyed the day.The speaker was an amazing lady .Her new book sounds very interesting .Well done everyone .Shirley

Anonymous said...

WEll DOne!!! Liz your quilt looks amazing!!! CONGRATS!!!

your secret admirerx

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say congratulations to both Amiee and Liz on Saturday for your awards! Well Done!! Anne B

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